Beji Ayu 6B - Sunset office spaces Bali

Beji Ayu 6B

Office/Shop/Commercial Space for rent on Jalan Beji Ayu, Seminyak, 1 minute from Sunset Road. Strategic location inside a quiet neighbourhood. 

Choice of ‘Fully Serviced Office’ rental OR ‘Fully Furnished Rental’ for yearly rental (only).

11 m x 8 m (88 SQM) building size with 4 private space with 1 bathroom.


  1. 3 separate work spaces equipped with air conditioning
  2. 1 pantry room complete with dining table set, refrigerator, dispenser, water heater.
  3. Up-to 200 Mbps fiber optic internet connection (Dual WAN / internet fail over)
  4. Ubiquiti Unify switches and WiFi access points.
  5. CCTV
  6. 2x a week cleaning service with cleaning supplies
  7. Building maintenance
  8. Motorbike parking area
  9. Outdoor sitting
  10. 12 desks + 12 work chairs (max 20 desks are provided)
  11. Electricity included with limit
  12. Garden maintenance
  13. Banjar fees
  14. Garbage collection fee 

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